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How To Pour Honey Into Jars?

  • Release Lime: Apr 02 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to pour honey into jars? Honey is a viscous liquid, so it is difficult to pour honey into jar. But why not use the honey bottle filling machine, it can fill honey into jars automatic.
The machine is specially designed for liquid filling in food, chemical, pesticide and other industries. The piston metering pumps are used and individually adjusted, so the filling amount is accurate, the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the tank can be applied to different materials and different specifications. The contact part of the metering pump and the material is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and disinfect and meets GMP standards.
 How To Pour Honey Into Jars
The filling is a kind of gap filling, which is composed of main components such as a bottle, a positioning mechanism, a filling head, a piston metering pump group, and an electric part. This mechanism allows them to combine organically through a mechanical transmission system, coordinating a compact and artificially required action to complete a series of filling movements. The whole machine is dragged by the motor, conveyor belt, bottle machine are respectively transmission. The whole machine has compact structure, convenient adjustment and sensitive and reliable movement.
How to pour honey into jars? There are three step:
1. Pour the honey into the storage tank
2. Put the bottle into the conveyor belt entrance
3. Turn on the machine switch
Then the machine will automatically complete a series of actions such as filling seals.

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