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Shrink Wrap Tunnel Temperature

  • Release Lime: Apr 04 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Heat shrink packaging is a very popular packaging method. Now, in order to make the packaging more beautiful, it is necessary to control the shrink wrap tunnel temperature, but what temperature is the most suitable?
This is related to the choice of packaging materials, POF film is relatively thin, so its shrinkage temperature is generally 120-130℃, PVC shrinkage temperature is about 130-160℃, PE heat shrinkable film is about 140-170℃, PP film is 150-180℃, the specific shrink wrap tunnel temperature depends on the thickness and material of the packaging film.
 Shrink Wrap Boxes
Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and conveyor speed according to the first packaging effect of the product. When wrinkles appear in the product, it indicates that the temperature is not enough or the conveying speed is too fast; when the product film breaks, it indicates that the temperature is too high or the conveyor speed is too slow. Test the machine several times to achieve the best results. At this time, please write down the temperature value and the delivery voltage value, and then start batch processing.
However, due to the different positions of the sensors, the displayed temperature deviation is also large. If the position of the thermocouple is different, the same shrink film, there can be a temperature control table showing that 200℃ has not reached the desired shrinkage effect. Some temperature control tables show that 100℃ has achieved better shrinkage. In addition, the same shrinking machine, due to the different quality of the shrink film, there will be a large deviation of the heat shrinkage temperature. All in all, the control of the shrink wrap tunnel temperature depends on the actual needs.
 Shrink Wrap Tunnel
Our shrink wrap tunnel machine selects the high precision temperature control, electronic temperature controller at room temperature to 300℃ can be adjusted, and can be based on the differences of material control shrinkage temperature accurately. Using high quality infrared quartz tube as heating system, using high power tube as stepless speed regulation, automatic voltage stabilization, to ensure smooth transmission speed. It can be completed in a short time, and the packaging procedures such as film heating, laminating, air extraction and sealing and the high qualified rate of finished products are well received by the majority of users.

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