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What Are Honey Packaging Requirements?

  • Release Lime: Jul 29 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Because honey is sweet and delicious, and it is rich in amino acids, the sales volume is growing very fast. Therefore, there are new requirements for honey packaging. But what are honey packaging requirement?
 Honey Packaging Requirement
1. Honey should be sealed and stored at a stable temperature to avoid deterioration of honey. It is forbidden to use chemical synthetic substances such as naphthalene to store beeswax and other pests on products such as honey.
2.  In order to allow consumers to visually see the quality of honey when purchasing, the packaging of honey is generally selected from glass bottles. In addition to good visual effects, consumers can see the texture and color of honey from the outside.
3. In honey nutrients, enzymes, especially amylase, are extremely unstable to heat. If the temperature is too high, the unique aroma and taste of honey will be destroyed and volatilized, the bacteriostatic effect will be reduced, and the nutrients will be destroyed. So when packaging honey, be sure to pay attention to temperature to prevent damage to nutrients.
 Honey Filling Machine

In addition, the following requirements should be noted in the process of packaging with a honey packaging machine.
1. If you pack honey into a bottle, be sure to pay attention to hygiene. It is best to install a glass cover on the outside of the machine to prevent contamination.
2. If you want to pack into the bag, be sure to control the temperature at the seal to prevent the temperature from being too high and affect the quality of the honey.
3. Choose a machine made of stainless steel, which is more clean and hygienic.
These are some of honey packaging requirements. If you have other questions, please contact us.
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