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How Are Potato Chips Transported?

  • Release Lime: Oct 07 2020
  • Source: Sherry
How are potato chips transported? We know potato chips are brittle and fragile, so its transportation is difficult, because in the transportation process, it is easy to break the potato chips due to collision.
So people will fill the packaging bag with nitrogen to prevent the potato chips from colliding during transportation and causing them to break.
In order to meet the demand of potato chips packaging and transportation, we have developed a dedicated potato chips packaging machine, which can be filled with nitrogen or other inert gas while packaging potato chips, so as to prevent potato chips from breaking during transportation. The specific process is as follows:
Weighing—— bag making—— feeding chips—— fill with nitrogen—— sealing—— boxing—— transport
 Potato chips packing machine
How to operate the packing machine?
1. Check whether the weighing specifications and the bag making machine are within the set parameters.
2. Check whether the packaging film is installed on the film loading device and whether it is fixed.
3. Check if all the wire is connected, then start the machine.
4. Turn on the main power switch, pull down the clutch handle, and turn on the start switch.
5. Set the temperature of the horizontal and vertical seal respectively, and set the relevant temperature according to the packaging material used.
6. Bag length adjustment.
7. Set the position of the cutter.
8. Start switch. The machine will automatically complete weighing, packaging, filling gas, sealing and other action.
If you also need other equipment to help you better transport potato chips, please contact us. 

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