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Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine Cost

  • Release Lime: Sep 30 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Wet wipes manufacturing machine cost is very important for people who just started the wet wipes manufacturing business. They need to make a detailed business plan based on the cost and predict the profit period.
However, due to different customer needs, the cost of the machine is different. We will recommend the appropriate model to the customer according to the specific needs of each customer, and send the composition and cost of the machine. Of course, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the cost.
Following is an introduction to one of the fully automatic wet wipes manufacturing machine:
 wet wipes manufacturing machine cost
Main Configure:
1. Spunlace cutting device and vertical folding device.
2. Spunlace wetting device,adopt founder form.
3. Wet wipes cutting device.Adopting high-speed steel cutting blade.
4. Spunlace transverse folding device. It can adjust the folding size and the folding shape.The machine has automatic counting and stacking device.
5. The device of cutting a hole on the film by the machine automatically .
6. Two sets of label stick devices, they can be used at the same time, and also can be used solely.
7. Packing film device.
8. The packing film sealing vertically device, and the cylinder open-closed sealing device.
9. The packing form sealing transversely device, and the cylinder open-closed sealing device.
10. The folding machine, packing machine, and the feeding film frequency conversion.
11. Timing.Three transducer can run automatically at the same time.
12. Closed gear box+ step belt and coupling running form.
If you want to got more details and cost about this model, please send your requirement to us:
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