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Fully Automatic Wet Wipes Making Manufacturing Machine

wet wipes manufacturing machine
wet wipes making machine
wet wipes making machine factory
The wet wipes manufacturing machine produces wet wipes for a collection of employments including alcohol wet wipes, disinfectants wipes, infant wipes, etc.
Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine Working Flow:
Automated non woven loading→ tension control → wipes slitting →wipes folding→ precise online wetting→ wipes cutting→ wipes stacking & counting →wipes wait-in-line→ wipes delivery to packaging machine→ bag forming →die cutting→ labeling→ gusseting →auto air → sealing→ finished product output

Wet Wipes Making Machine Structural Features:
* Electrical system: Electrical safety circuit protection, CE safety certification
* Control system: Multi-axis servo motion controller, full servo control
* Man-machine interface: Color LCD touch screen
* Unloading mechanism: Independent automatic tension control system
* Automatic docking: Non-stop replacement of materials, non-woven fabric, automatic connection of roll film, automatic rejection of joints, labeling machine can use automatic switching mode or synchronous mode
* Wet wipes cut off: Rotary cutter
* Clean and disinfect: Sanitary design, the wet tissue conveyor belt adopts a convenient disassembly design, easy to clean and disinfect
* Flow control: Electronic flowmeter measurement and control, reducing residual liquid recovery, humidification range 2.5-4.5 times
* Level Control: Electronic detection automatic control
* Pipeline disinfection: The pipeline and the dosing pump adopt the sanitary 3D design standard with no retention and no dead ends, which is suitable for pasteurization and disinfectant washing
* Crossover detection: Online monitoring of non-woven fabrics, labels, film rolls, dosing, weight, packaging, etc.
* End seal cutter protection: Anti-cut wet wipes protection function
Wet Wipes Manufacturing Machine Advantages:
1. The length and width dimensions of the wet wipes and packaging are changed by the servo system without mechanical adjustment.
2. Convert between different formats quickly and easily.
3. The wet wipes making machine stops automatically when the machine fails.
4. Humanized touch screen man-machine interface.
5. Audiovisual alarm system.

Application of Wet Wipes Making Machine:
wet wipes samples

The use of wet wipes is very wide, it can meet the needs of individuals and families. For example:
1. Baby wipes
Usually has a unique packaging design, each pack contains at least 80 pieces. Suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
2. Clean wipes
The wet wipes are usually soaked in alcohol or other cleaning agents for disinfection and other purposes.
3. Personal hygiene wipes
Commonly found in restaurants or airlines. Single-piece packaging, easy to carry and use.
Technical Data
Machine model CKSH-120A
Folded size L130-200mm, W95-115mm
Unfolded size L130-200mm, W180-210mm
Package size L150-300mm,W100-125mm,H30-100mm
Production speed 4000wipes/min
External dimension 15900*4590*2350mm
Rated power AC380V,50/60Hz, 3phase
Power 30kw
Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa, 155Lmin
Net weight 18000kg

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