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Factory Machines for Packing Food Products

  • Release Lime: Nov 02 2020
  • Source: Sherry
Packing is a very important process for food products, many manufacturer are looking for factory machines for packing food products.
But for different food factories, they have different choices, so how to choose the right machine? Let's introduce several common food packaging machines for you.
 Food product packing
1. Flow wrap machine
Flow wrap, is the process of making a pillow type bag from a single film roll. Heat is applied to the bottom and ends of the bag to form a sealed, flexible package already filled with products. This kind of packing machine is suitable for solid products, such as cookies, bread, snack bar, vegetable and fruit, etc.
2. Multihead weigher
This is a very precise granule packaging machine. It is based on the principle of ‘combination’ for combination calculation, each feeding is to select the combination that is closest to the target weight among many qualified combinations. This type of machine is mainly used for packaging granular materials, such as French fries, potato chips, beans, pet food, etc.
3. Powder packing machine
As the name suggests, this kind of powder packing machine is suitable for all kinds of powder food products, such as milk powder, spice powder, tea powder, juice powder, etc. It is usually measured by a screw to adapt to the characteristics of the powder and make the measurement more accurate.
4. Vacuum packing machine
This type of machine is mainly used for packaging food products that needs long-term preservation. Such as sausage, meat, etc. It extends the shelf life of food by excluding air in the packaging bag, it is a very popular packaging method.
There are many other types of factory machines for packing food products, for more details, please contact 

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