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How Does A Flow Wrap Machine Work?

  • Release Lime: Dec 29 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Flow wrap machine is a very widely used packaging equipment, but do you know how does a flow wrap machine work?
The machine adopts a variable frequency stepless speed regulation motor, which drives a toothed chain stepless transmission to rotate through a V-belt. In the gearbox, through the speed adjustment of the variable speed chain, different operating speeds are obtained, and then transmitted to the planetary differential mechanism by the timing belt. The adjustment of the transport length of the packaging film and the output shaft of the gearbox drive the packaging film press roller to rotate and transport the packaging film through a chain drive. The output length of the packaging film can be set manually on the gear chain governor. And during the packaging process, it is monitored by photoelectric tracking color code. At the same time, the gearbox also realizes the packaging process through multiple sets of chain drives: the movement of the conveyor belt, the film pulling wheel, the pressing wheel, the horizontal sealing knife and the finished product conveyor belt.
The film roll is installed on the shaft roller, and the product is placed in the feeder (or manual feeding). The conveyor belt automatically transports the product to the packaging location, and is packaged in a film. Then after heating, it is pressed into a shape, and then sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for heat sealing and horizontal sealing, and then cutting. Then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.
Flow wrap machine factory 

Instructions for using flow wrapping machine:
Maintenance of electrical parts:
1. Always check whether the thread ends at each joint are loose before starting up.
2. Small particles such as dust may also affect the function of the machine. Dust on the probe of the photoelectric switch may cause malfunctions, so it should be checked and cleaned frequently.
3. Non-professionals are not allowed to turn on the electrical part, the parameters of the inverter, microcomputer and other control components have been set. Random changes will cause the system to be disordered and the machine will not work normally.
Lubrication of the machine:
1. Rolling bearings are the most worn parts of machinery, so each rolling bearing needs to be greased once every two months.
2. Different parts of the lubricating oil have different types, such as the bushing on the film roller, and the bushing at the front sprocket of the feeding conveyor should be filled with 40# oil in due course.
3. Gear occluding operation is also very important, each gear should be dripped with 40# oil in a timely manner.
4. The lubrication of the chain is the most common and relatively simple. Each sprocket chain should be dripped with mechanical oil with a kinematic viscosity greater than 40# in a timely manner.
5. The clutch is the key to starting the machine, the clutch part should be lubricated in good time.

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