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Instant Noodle Packaging Material

  • Release Lime: Jan 04 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Instant noodles are very popular because of their convenience, good taste, low price, and long shelf life. What are the packaging materials for instant noodles?
According to different packaging methods, different packaging materials are required:
1. Bags. The packaging bag is sealed with a composite plastic film whose outer layer is cellophane and inner layer is polyethylene. The packaging material can also be a composite plastic film of polyester and polypropylene, or simple packaging with ordinary paper and plastic packaging.
2. Bowl or cup. It is made of polystyrene foam plastic, paper coated with anti-seepage and heat-proof things or other non-toxic and heat-resistant materials.
Instant noodle packaging material  
But no matter what kind of packaging materials are used, the following requirements should be met.
Facilitate to face the quality requirements of packaging materials mainly come from functional requirements. Including safety factors such as oxygen barrier, moisture-proof, light-proof, sealing, peculiar smell (residual solvent amount), etc., At the same time, its printing and machine performance must be evaluated. Such as mechanical properties, heat sealing properties, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc.
In order to meet the above requirements, instant noodle companies must carefully select reasonable packaging materials, and perform quality inspection and control of incoming materials, production and processing, and delivery procedures in accordance with relevant standards and specifications to ensure reliable product quality.
Of course, after choosing a suitable packaging material, you also need a matching instant noodle packaging equipment to complete the packaging process. As a packaging machine manufacturer, we can design packaging machines according to customers' different packaging requirements to complete the packaging of instant noodles.

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