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Pouch Filling Machine Manual

  • Release Lime: Dec 27 2021
  • Source: Sherry
For every customer who purchases pouch filling machine from our company, we will send detailed manual and also send operating videos. So that customers can better understand the machine and related operating procedures. The specific operation process is as follows:
 Pouch filling machine
1. Purpose
In order to improve product quality, eliminate the waste of packaging materials, standardize the company's production management, ensure the safe and normal operation of equipment, and reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.
2. Components of the control panel
The electric control box and operation panel are installed on one side of the whole rack, which is convenient for the operation and use of the operator. The control panel is mainly composed of touch screen, emergency stop button, power switch, temperature controller, etc.
a. touch screen. Used to realize the operation control, parameter setting and display information of the packaging machine.
b. emergency button. The red emergency stop button is mainly used for emergency stop when an emergency occurs during the production process. Press the button and the packaging machine will stop working immediately, and the touch screen will display corresponding information. After pressing the emergency stop button, if you want to restart the equipment, you must reset the emergency stop switch before you can operate it.
c. Switch. Used for the isolation and on-off of the main power supply of the packaging machine.
d. Temperature Controller. Control the temperature of the heating rod of the heat-sealing block, and the temperature of the heating rod can remain stable after 5 minutes after starting up.
3. Action function of each station
Under PLC control, the reducer is mainly driven by the motor, and through various sensors, connecting rods, cams, switch numbers and control commands. Complete the operation of each part function according to the pre-set parameters.
Station order: 1. bag delivery; 2. coding; 3. bag blowing; 4.filling; 5.shaping; 6.sealing, output.
4. Check before starting
a. Carefully check whether the power supply and air circuit of the equipment are normal, and the circuit and air pipe are not damaged or leaking.
b. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the heat-seal block of the equipment and clean it up.
c. Check whether the speed control air head of the bag-taking splint cylinder and the splint screws are loose and intact.
d. Open the oil-water separator to check whether there is any foreign matter inside and remove it, and drain the water from the oil-water separator.
e. Clean the vacuum pump filter.
f. Check the equipment turntable, conveyor belt or other moving parts for items and clean up in time.
g. Check the integrity of each suction cup, and replace it if it is damaged.
h. Check whether the tension springs of the left and right machine clamp bodies are normal, and whether the rotating shaft of the machine clamp seat is flexible.
i. Check if the machine clamp pad is complete or missing.
5. Start-up
a. Rotate the power switch to the "ON" state to turn on, and the touch screen and indicator lights will light up.
b. The equipment should be warmed up for about 5-8 minutes after it is turned on. The operator carefully checks the parameter settings and makes corresponding adjustments.
c. Press "Host Jog" with your hand to let the machine go around by itself to check whether the working position is normal and whether there is mechanical collision.
d. Open the required working procedures on the touch screen, such as bag taking, bag opening, coding, exhaust, blowing, vacuum pump (pressure), heat sealing, conveyor belt, do not need to open. Press the host again to start, first walk around the empty bag without any problem, and then start production.
6. Precautions for safe operation
a. The door of the electrical control cabinet of the equipment must be locked during production. Nothing is allowed in the cabinet. Keep the cabinet clean and clean. When cleaning the electric cabinet, the power switch must be turned off. The inspection and maintenance of the electric control part shall be carried out by professionals. It is strictly forbidden for other personnel to repair without authorization.
b. When cleaning the equipment, you must press the emergency stop switch, because the heat-seal block is high temperature, be careful of burns or electric shocks.
c. It is forbidden to reach into the protective door when the equipment is running to avoid being burned or pinched.
d. Before starting, confirm whether there are any objects that hinder the movement of the machine to avoid collision.
e. Pay attention to whether the negative pressure of the vacuum pump is normal during operation (generally above).
f. It is strictly forbidden to touch the touch screen of the packaging machine with hard or sharp objects.
g. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment unattended. During production, you must be highly concentrated and always pay attention to whether the equipment is abnormal. If there is any abnormality, notify the professional maintenance personnel in time.
Here is just part of the pouch filling machine manual. If you need a detailed manual, please contact us.

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