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How to Bottle Beer From Carboy?

  • Release Lime: Aug 21 2019
  • Source: Sherry
How to bottle beer from carboy? It is very easy, a beer bottling machine can do it. You just put the tube of the machine into the carboy, and when you turn it on, the machine automatically sucks the beer out and fill into bottles.
How to bottle beer from carboy by machine?
The clean bottle from the bottle washer is fed into the bottle feeding screw of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt. Through the bottle feeding star wheel to the bottle cylinder on the rotary table and raised. The bottle mouth is under the guidance of the centering device to press the feeding port of the filling valve to form a seal. After the bottle is evacuated, the back pressure gas (CO2) in the liquid storage cylinder is flushed into the bottle. When the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to that in the liquid storage cylinder, the liquid valve opens under the action of spring.
 Beer Bottle Filling Machine
At this point, beer is guided by an umbrella reflecting ring on the manifold, the CO2 in the glass bottle is replaced back into the liquid storage cylinder through the return pipe. When the liquor rises to a certain height and the return pipe is closed, the feeding automatically stops. Then close the liquid valve and air valve to drain the pressure at the neck of the bottle to prevent the gush of the wine with air when the bottle drops. Thus, the whole filling process is completed.
 Beer Bottle
Why use machine to bottle beer from carboy?
1. High efficiency, can fill thousands of bottles of beer per hour.
2. Clean and hygienic. The machine is made of stainless steel with closed filling, which avoids secondary pollution caused by contact between materials and people.
3. No waste. The use of compact parts, not only filling speed is fast, but also does not leak, will not produce waste.

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