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How to Shrink Wrap Round Soap?

  • Release Lime: Dec 31 2019
  • Source: Sherry
Soap is one of the daily necessities. It has various shapes, such as square, round, pentagram, etc. So the packaging of soap often uses the method of shrink wrap. This packaging method is very suitable for soaps of different shapes packing. But do you know how to shrink wrap round soap?
Based on the principle of heat shrinkable film shrinkable by heat, the heat shrinkable film is wrapped outside the soap, and after heating in the heat shrinking furnace, the heat shrinkable film is tightly attached to the surface of the soap to complete the shrink wrap of the soap.
 Soap Shrink Wrap
How to shrink wrap round soap by the shrink wrap machine?
1. Connect the external power supply, close the power switch on the control panel of the machine, the power indicator light is on.
2. Close the motor switch.
3. Close the thermal switch.
4. Adjust the motor speed knob and temperature control knob to adjust the temperature to the proper position, and let the machine warm up first.
5. After wrapping the soap in a film, place it on the conveyor belt at the entrance of the shrink chamber to start shrink packaging.
6. After the packing work is completed, first return the electric heating temperature setting knob to the zero position and turn off the electric heating switch. Then let the conveying motor and the fan motor continue to run for 10-20 minutes. After cooling, reset the adjusting knob to zero, and finally turn off the conveying motor and fan switch and power switch.
7. Clean the machine, remove all dirt and dust, keep the machine tidy and extend the life of the machine.
The above is the shrink wrap process of soap, welcome to contact us for more details.

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