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How Much Is Mask Packing Machine Price?

  • Release Lime: Oct 21 2021
  • Source: Sherry
How much is mask packing machine price? Under normal circumstances, the price of the machine is about 8000USD. However, the price will fluctuate according to the packaging requirements of different customers. Such as:
1. Additional features
* Some customers require additional molds to pack different sizes.
* Some customers request to change the coding method.
* Some customers require the addition of automatic feeding equipment.
These will increase the price of the mask packing machine.
2. Making materials
In order to make the machine run stably, while saving the customer's investment cost. The frame is made of carbon steel, and the part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel. However, if the customer requires all to be made of stainless steel, the mask packing machine price will increase.
3. Packing speed
The mask packing machine has a standard model and a high-speed model. Our customers generally choose standard models. The high speed is more expensive than the standard model.
Mask Packing Machine Price 
Some customers have questions about the price of our machines. In order to let customers better understand our machines, we will show you some details.
1. What masks can our machine pack?
Including but not limited to disposable masks, kn95, medical masks, etc. Can be used for packaging of single and multiple masks.
2. What are the advantages of the machine?
* Equipped with smart chip, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation, convenient adjustment, labor and film saving.
* The closed longitudinal sealing device makes the longitudinal sealing more stable, firm and stable.
* High-speed horizontal sealing device, high sealing and cutting speed, clear and beautiful mesh.
With automatic positioning and parking function.
* The machine has a variety of cutting forms: straight, corrugated, conjoined, etc., and the packaged product is beautiful.
* There is a safety clutch device to protect the mask.
3. What service do we provide?
* Pre-sales advice
If you are interested in our machines, we will provide you with detailed information. You can call for consultation so that you can have a more detailed understanding.
We can design equipment suitable for your product according to your requirements.
* User guides
After you buy the machine, we will have professional personnel to provide you with debugging and training services to ensure that the machine can be used normally.
* Machine maintenance
All machines have a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, our company will bear the cost of non-human faults. If the fault is caused by man-made, the customer shall bear the cost.
Implement a lifetime tracking service system.

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