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Wet Wipes Manufacturing Process

  • Release Lime: Oct 25 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Wet wipes are one of the most popular daily necessities. Compared with ordinary toilet paper, it can remove stains more effectively, which has a good cleaning effect, and it is convenient to carry. But do you know the wet wipes manufacturing process? It is completed by the wet wipes manufacturing machine.
Main wet wipes manufacturing process:
Automatic tension→automatic correction→folding→quantitative dosing→cut to length→fold in half horizontally→stack a few pieces→delivery→packaging film opening labeling→making bag→packing into bag→sealing→finished product output
These steps are automatically completed by the machine. What workers need to do is to operate the machine and monitor the running status of the machine.
 Wet wipes manufacturing process

Machine characteristics:
1. Folding machine part:
*Automatically change materials (non-woven materials) without stopping the machine, automatically reject non-woven joints, and automatically alarm and stop when the material is interrupted.
*Rectification of raw materials, quantitative liquid addition, independent adjustment of cutters, easy operation and replacement, and cost saving.
*Double-channel folding, dual-channel output, high efficiency and energy saving.
*Origami adopts rolling folding method, neat and beautiful, the product size can be adjusted within a certain range, the product is diversified, and it is easy to sell.
*High-speed paper splicer, neat and beautiful in stacking, easy to pack.
2. Packing machine characteristics:
*Packaging film double material rack, slow down the material replacement time.
*Adjustable bag maker, easy and convenient to change the size.
*Full servo horizontal sealing mechanism, fast speed, firm and beautiful sealing.
*Pressure protection mechanism, automatically bounce, avoid damaging the sealing knife, and reduce the waste of materials.
Of course, the production process is different for different types of wet wipes. Tell us which type you want to produce, and we will list the detailed manufacturing process for you.

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