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How Much Is Sachet Packing Machine Price

  • Release Lime: Oct 18 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Sachet packing machine is a useful tool for sauce packing, but how much is sachet packing machine price?
If you need a small machine, its price is generally 3000-4000USD. This is a very economical and practical model, mainly used for small-scale packaging production.
How does the sachet packing machine work?
a. The packaging film is pulled from the film transport device to the elephant trunk shaper, the elephant trunk shaper starts bag making, and the film pulling wheel will pull the packaging film.
b. Heat and seal the back seal in the longitudinal direction, and seal the bottom in the horizontal seal. After the material is put into the bag, the horizontal sealing continues to the upper sealing.
c. The cutting knife cuts the bag from the middle of the horizontal sealing part.
1. Automatically complete the process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and tearing, cutting, counting, etc. The operation is simple and reliable.
2. The design of the metering system is controlled by a stepping motor, and the parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food QS certification and GMP. The advantages of high speed, high accuracy, high economy and high durability.
3. The special adjustable bag maker can better adapt to the packaging requirements of multiple varieties and specifications.
4. The differential feeding mode makes it easy to adjust the feeding position of the machine during operation.
5. Advanced microcomputer packaging controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, so that speed, bag length, cutting point position detection, etc. can be directly displayed on the interface.
6. It can achieve three-side sealing, four-side sealing or back sealing, providing users with different packaging options.
According to the different packaging requirements of customers, we will recommend different models. Of course, there will be differences in prices for different models and functions. If you want to get an accurate price, please contact us: 

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