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Sold Powder Filling Machine to Canada

  • Release Lime: Jun 28 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The Canada customer ordered a set of powder filling equipment, which including powder filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and weight detection device.
This powder filling system is designed according to the Canada customer's packaging requirements and factory layout. The whole line is designed in a "U" shape, making more full use of the factory space.
 powder filling machine canada

The following is the main structure of the system:
1. Powder filling machine
It is weighed by screw metering, and then the powder is automatically filled into bottles or cans. The machine maintains the specialization of powder packaging production and processing, and further improves production efficiency. A vacuum cleaner is added to effectively improve the packaging environment of the factory.
2. Capping machine
This machine is mainly used to automatically tighten bottle caps. No damage to the cap, compatible with a variety of bottle types. When changing bottles or caps, there is no need to replace parts, just make adjustments.
3. Labeling machine
The labeling machine is to paste the roll label on the specified packaging container or product. The back of the label is self-contained with adhesive and is regularly arranged on the smooth backing paper, and the peeling mechanism on the labeling machine can automatically peel it off. Labeling can be done on a flat surface, single-sided or multi-sided.
4. Weight detection
Generally, it is composed of conveyor belt, control system, and feeding and discharging conveyor. Among them, the weighing conveyor completes the collection of the weight signal, and sends the weight signal to the control system for processing. Feed conveyors ensure adequate spacing between products primarily by increasing their speed. The outfeed conveyor is used to convey the finished product away from the weighing area.
The above configuration is the plan we prepared for the Canada customer. If you have other needs, you can leave us a message, and we will provide corresponding solutions according to your needs.

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