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How to Fill Baby Food Pouches?

  • Release Lime: Jun 22 2022
  • Source: Sherry
How to fill baby food pouches? Because baby food has higher requirements for safety, its packaging process is more rigorous. It is usually necessary to configure professional baby food packaging machine to complete the entire packaging process.
In order to meet the packaging requirements of baby food, we usually recommend the premade pouch packaging machine for our customers. The machine can be used for many types of baby food, such as pea purée, banana purée, baby brown rice cereal, avocado purée, baked sweet potato purée, carrots purée, etc.
How to fill baby food pouches by this machine? Usually consists of the following steps:
Step 1: feeding pouch
Step 2: clip pouch
Step 3: print date
Step 4: open bag detection
Step 5: filling
Step 6: sealing
how to fill baby food pouches
Quickly change the specifications of the pouches, and the bag size can be adjusted automatically.
Single-shaft transmission and internal cam design, fast packaging, more stable operation, easier maintenance, and less defective products.
Modular heating, more accurate temperature control, and alarm prompts for heating failures.
The advanced design concept reduces the loss of packaging materials, ensures the stability of equipment operation, and prolongs the operating life of the equipment.
Simple and convenient operation, using advanced PLC+HMI (touch screen) electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface.
Use machinery instead of manual packaging to realize the automation of enterprise product packaging production, improve enterprise production efficiency and reduce product costs. It can effectively reduce the pollution of materials in the packaging process, and is suitable for large-scale automatic packaging of food.
In order to meet the packaging requirements of different manufacturers for baby food, we will add other functions for customers to help customers achieve their goals. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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