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Sugar Packet Packing Machine Cost

  • Release Lime: Jun 20 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The sugar packet packing machine cost for different models are different. The cost of common standard models is about 3500USD-10000USD. Custom models are priced higher than standard models.
Here are a few popular models:
1. Small sugar packet packing machine cost
* The cost is about 3500USD-5000USD. Small size, suitable for small business.
* The whole machine is composed of a metering device and a packaging host, with a compact, firm structure and low failure rate.
* High degree of automation, from measuring, filling, bag making, date printing to product output are all completed at one time.
* Pneumatic control sealing, stepper motor drive film pulling, stable and reliable packaging performance, fast speed, high precision and low noise.
2. Multilane sugar packet packing machine cost
* The cost is about 10000USD-50000USD. The series includes a variety of models, each with a different number of lanes, from 2-12 lanes. The more columns, the larger the output and the higher the cost. This is usually matched according to the customer's production requirements.
* It adopts five-axis servo synchronous drive, touch adjustment on the man-machine interface, and PLC control, so that each actuator can be accurately and automatically synchronously positioned. The packaging quality is guaranteed on the premise of improving the packaging speed.
* The high-precision integral rolling heat-sealing roller is used as the four-side sealing of the sealing mold. The bag is flat and the seal is firm. Exquisite and beautiful, good packaging quality and high efficiency.
* It has strong adaptability to packaging materials, automatic control function of sealing temperature, and high control precision. Can adapt to a variety of packaging films, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc.
3. Premade pouch sugar packet packing machine cost
* The price is about 20000USD-35000USD. Suitable for all styles of pre-made pouches.
* Quickly change the specifications of the packaging bags, and the bag width can be adjusted automatically with one key.
* Single-shaft transmission and internal cam design, fast packaging, more stable operation, easier maintenance, and less defective products.
* The machine has a wide range of packaging, and can pack various materials such as liquid, sauce, granule, powder, and only need to replace different metering devices according to different materials.
sugar packet packing machine cost
The actual cost of each machine still depends on the model selected by the customer. If you want to get the actual price, you can contact us. ( Email: )

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