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Sold Honey Filling Machine to Australia

  • Release Lime: Jun 15 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Australia has a strong honey market, which has also contributed to the growth of the honey processing and packaging equipment market. As a packaging machine manufacturer, our customized services can meet the packaging requirements of different customers for honey.
A customer from Australia ordered a honey filling machine to fill processed honey into bottles. According to the characteristics of honey, we have upgraded the machine to better meet the packaging requirements of this Australian customer.
 honey filling machine australia
The machine adopts the volume measurement method, so that the filling accuracy can reach ±1%. And there is no need to regulate the system due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, the filling head is inserted into the bottle, so that the honey will not splash out, and the filling nozzle rises slowly with the liquid level. The filling head has a special locking device, so that the filling nozzle will not drip after filling. In addition, the machine can also be combined with sterilizer, capping machine, labeling machine and other equipment to form a fully automatic honey filling line.
This Australian customer is currently producing a smaller volume, so the model we recommend is a two-head filling machine. According to different output requirements, we also provide 4-12 head filling machines to better meet the production requirements of the factory.
The purpose of the machine is to help factories improve packaging efficiency and improve the packaging environment. If you need it too, you can contact us. (Email: ) 

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