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Tea Bag Packing Machine Sell in Malaysia

  • Release Lime: Jun 06 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Malaysia is both a tea producing country and a consumer country with a strong tea complex. And its consumption is gradually increasing. This has also led to the development of many industries. Such as the tea processing and packaging industry.
A customer from Malaysia ordered our tea packing machine to start a new business, they mixes several kinds of tea leaves and packs them. According to the customer's packaging requirements, we recommended the pyramid tea bag packaging machine to him. The machine is weighed with an electronic scale, which is very suitable for this customer's product.
 tea bag packing machine malaysia
Performance characteristics:
1. The tea bag is cut by ultrasonic sealing, the bag shape is beautiful and the sealing is firm, and the brewing space is larger.
2. The electronic scale can automatically weigh and measure, and the packaging weight can be adjusted at will to facilitate the replacement of packaging materials.
3. Adopt PLC programmable control, touch screen operation, more stable performance and easier operation.
4. SMC pneumatic components, Schneider low-voltage electrical accessories, prolong the service life of the machine.
5. Combined with electrical integration, no shutdown is required to replace data.
6. The use of high-precision electronic sensor measurement makes the packaging accuracy more accurate.
Why do we recommend this machine to Malaysia customers?
The pyramid tea bag has a larger gap than traditional tea bags, so that the hot water can contact the tea leaves more completely and be fully steeped. So it has become popular in recent years. Since the tea leaves in the pyramid tea bags are cut thicker and more, the brewing quality is greatly improved, so it requires a longer brewing time (four to five minutes) than the traditional type. You can thoroughly feel the flavor of the tea leaves, and each tea bag can generally be used three times.

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