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Sell Protein Powder Filling Machine to USA

  • Release Lime: Jun 01 2022
  • Source: Sherry
A customer from the USA order a protein powder filling machine for their protein powder factory. And they are equipped with a vacuum feeder to solve the current problem of dust leakage. In addition, the machine can also be equipped with a capping machine and a labeling machine to achieve a more automated packaging process.
There are different models of the machine, each with a different filling range. Common filling ranges are 1 - 500g and 10-5000g. This USA customer chose 10-5000g.
protein powder filling machine usa 
1. Stainless steel structure, effectively ensure the cleanliness of the product.
2. Up to 10 sets of operating parameters can be stored.
3. Servo motor drives auger with up to 99% accuracy.
4. Equipped with Siemens PLC and touch screen control, Panasonic/ABB/SIEMENS motors and sensors.
5. Equipped with a well-positioned height-adjusting handwheel, which is convenient for adjusting the height of the filling head.
6. In addition to protein powder, the machine can also be used to fill spice powder, cocoa powder, talcum powder and other powder materials.
1. Our machine warranty is one year. But more than a year, we still serve you.
2. Our engineers will provide you with customized packaging solutions and training services according to your packaging requirements.
Our company provides packaging solutions to customers from all over the world. If you have any needs, you can contact us.

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