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Seed Packaging Machine Sell in Turkey

  • Release Lime: May 30 2022
  • Source: Sherry
Seed packaging machines are widely used in the seed processing industry. Because of its small footprint and low price, it is loved by many small and medium-sized enterprises.
A Turkish customer purchased 5 machines to pack sunflower seeds and export the packed sunflower seeds to other countries. The Turkey customer wants to use these 5 machines to pack 3 different sizes.
Besides sunflower seeds, the machine can also be used to pack a variety of vegetable seed, such as pepper seeds, tomato seeds, etc.
 seed packaging machine in turkey
It is processed with 304 stainless steel and other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety.
Simple structure, easy to clean, small machine, small footprint, flexible use.
The machine uses an intelligent operating system, which is convenient for human-computer interaction and easy to operate.
Intelligent weighing control mode, the machine automatically adjusts various parameters and adaptively weighs various materials.
Machine failure rate is low, production efficiency is high, and the cost of consumables such as bag-making film is reduced.
It is suitable for a variety of film wrapping materials, such as PE, composite film, etc. It can be made into a variety of bag types, such as back-sealed bags, triangle bags, etc. If there are special needs, it can also be customized.
Because the Turkey customer purchased 5 devices at a time, we gave a discount. We are very happy that the customer have chosen our company and hope that our equipment can make more profits for them.
If you also want to get a discount, please contact us. ( )

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