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Powder Filling Machine Manual

  • Release Lime: May 23 2022
  • Source: Sherry
The powder filling machine manual are usually sent to the customer when we send the machine. The manual will contain detailed parameter setting methods, machine adjustment methods, etc. In addition to what is marked in the manual, we have some caveats to share with you.
After purchasing a powder filling machine, you must know how to use it correctly. First of all, read the instruction manual of the machine, do not use it blindly. Secondly, we must know how to maintain the machine regularly to prolong the service life of the machine and create greater value for the company.
powder filling machine manual 
Before using the machine, please pay attention to the following items, it will help you use and maintain the machine correctly, ensure the safety of human and machine, and give full play to its performance, reduce failures and prolong life:
1. Do not start the machine until you know the proper operation and safety regulations of the machine.
2. This machine should not be used without company training.
3. Before using the machine, read the instruction manual of the machine carefully and understand all the contents and instructions.
4. After the machine is installed and debugged, the test machine can be put into production operation.
5. Before starting, make sure that no tools or sundries are placed on all surfaces of the machine.
6. Do not touch the inside of the machine or electrical facilities until the power is turned off.
7. The operator is not allowed to leave the working range of the machine when the machine is running, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the hot sealing wheel, sealing mold and moving parts when the machine is running.
8. Professionals or technicians are required to inspect and repair electrical control circuits.
9. Use the machine under the conditions of the specified environment.
10. Without the permission of the company, do not modify the machine arbitrarily, or install any other company's equipment on the machine to avoid danger.
Note: For the safety of you and others, please use the machine according to the powder filling machine manual to avoid unnecessary losses.

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