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Powder Filling Machine Sold to Philippines

  • Release Lime: Dec 17 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Powder filling machine is a equipment with a very wide range of applications, it can be used for almost all powdery materials. Therefore, it is loved by many customers. Our Philippines customer ordered an equipment for packaging spice powder.
He wants to fill three different specifications of bottles, 100gram, 200gram and 500gram. Therefore, we have configured three screw rods for this Philippines customers. The filling of different specifications can be realized by replacing the screw rod.
This machine is improved by our company in accordance with the customer's filling requirements and combined with the existing models. Simple operation, stable operation and automatic completion of feeding, metering, filling and other tasks.
Equipment characteristics:
1. Program modular design, PLC control system, man-machine interface, the working mode is clear at a glance, all parameters can be added to the program module for subsequent use.
2. It is packed in cans or bottle containers, and can be equipped with an automatic bottle feeding system to realize no filling without bottles or lack of bottles.
3. Each bottle must be inspected, and each bottle of unqualified product with filling weight will not be missed to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 100%.
4. Using specific gravity feedback tracking and high-speed response clutch brake to push the screw, greatly improving the packaging accuracy and packaging speed.
5. The machinery is stable and durable, and the failure rate is low.
 powder filling machine philippines
Why do Philippines customers choose us?
1. Professional production and R&D strength to witness the brand
*10 years of production experience
*Own factory
*Have a first-class technical team
Advanced equipment, efficient production capacity, punctual delivery
2. Provide a full set of solutions tailored to customer requirements
*Exquisite craftsmanship, good quality and excellent price.
*Effectively help customers reduce costs.
*Meet the needs of customers in different industries.
3. Professional after-sales service team provides full tracking service
*Professional customer service provide one-to-one service.
*Intimate service from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale.
*Quick response, 360-degree tracking service.

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