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Digital Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Machine for Sale

pharmaceutical powder filling machine
digital powder filling machine
powder filling machine for sale
Digital powder filling machine is one of the most important packaging machinery, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries. It performs the operation of filling powdered materials into the container, and can ensure accurate measurement and avoid waste.
 Digital powder filling machine application

The pharmaceutical powder filling machine can fill pharmaceutical powder in bottles, cans, barrels, etc., without dripping and accurate weight. The powder filling machine for sale provides a regulation for changing the operating speed, which provides the operator with the option to choose from different speed ranges. In addition to filling, the filling machine also performs accurate measurements. And the digital powder filling machine can be used in conjunction with auxiliary equipment such as capping and labeling to automatically complete the pharmaceutical powder filling and packaging process.
 pharmaceutical powder filling line

Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Machine Features:

O It adopts special auger quantitative filling, real-time computer tracking, fast filling speed and high precision.
O Different screws can be replaced to suit different pharmaceutical materials and filling specifications.
O The side of the silo is fully open, which is easy to clean and can be equipped with a feeding system.
O The inner wall of the container in contact with the material is polished.
O The labeling machine is suitable for flat bottles, square bottles, round bottles, etc., with simple operation and compact structure. Labeling adopts photoelectric detection, PLC control, and touch-type software operation. It has the functions of no bottle no labeling, no label automatic correction, automatic detection and so on.

Pharmaceutical Powder Filling Machine Daily Maintenance:

The daily maintenance of the digital powder filling machine is mainly cleaning, lubricating, testing and tightening. Daily maintenance should be carried out as required during and after packaging.
1. The first level is based on routine maintenance processing. The main process is lubrication, tightening and testing related parts and cleaning process.
2. Mainly focus on testing and adjustment. Specifically, it tests motors, clutches, transmissions, drive components, steering and brake components.
3. The third level mainly focuses on testing, adjusting and avoiding possible failures and balancing the degree of wear of various components. These parts may cause the conditions of use and possible malfunctions of the machine. Inspections and condition tests should be carried out to complete necessary replacements, adjustments and possible failures.
If you encounter problems during use, you can contact our professional after-sales team.
Technical Data
Model CK-1
Packing weight 5-5000g    (the screw attachment needs to be replaced)
packing accuracy <±1%
Packing speed 20-35bags/min    (Detailed packing speed depends on manual, packaging materials)
Voltage 3P/380V 50-60Hz
Power 1.2kw
Weight 220kg
Size 750×600×1850mm

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