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Shrink Wrap for Bath Bombs

  • Release Lime: Dec 15 2021
  • Source: Sherry
Shrink wrap is a very common packaging method for bath bombs. It can play a very good protective role.

Why use shrink wrap for bath bombs?

1. Protect. When the packaging film is heated, it forms a very tight seal. It can completely protect the bath bombs. After sealing, the bath bomb is no longer susceptible to possible damage from dust, dirt or moisture.
2. Durability. Shrink wrap uses very durable packaging materials. It is difficult to tear, will not be affected by the surrounding environment, and will not loosen.
3. Tamper proof. Because the shrink wrap makes the packaging film tightly wrap the bath bomb, tampering will be discovered.
4. Affordable. Shrink wrap is a very affordable option, which saves space to the utmost extent and does not require additional packaging materials such as boxes.

How to shrink wrap?

In order to make the packaging beautiful, professional bath bombs shrink wrap machines are usually used.
The machine uses packaging film to wrap the bath bombs. After heating, the film shrinks and wraps the bath bombs, which fully displays its appearance, improves product sales, and increases aesthetics and value.
shrink wrap for bath bombs

What should you pay attention to for shrink wrap?

1. When the user needs to use a 380V power supply, the diameter of the power cord needs to be greater than 6mm. The neutral wire in the power cord must also be connected to the machine, otherwise the machine cannot operate normally. For example, when the machine adopts 220V power supply, the diameter of the power supply needs to be greater than 4mm, the case must be grounded to allow the machine to operate normally.
2. The temperature of the shrinking tinnel should generally be controlled below 230°C, and the conveyor speed should be controlled below 5 gears. If running at over-temperature and over-speed, it will affect the service life of thermoelectric components and cause premature aging of the circuit.
3. The bottom needs to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions to prevent electrical components from overheating.
4. After using for more than 6 months, check the aging condition of the wires in the shrink tunnel, and replace them according to the situation.
5. When the package passes through the tunnel, try to place it in the center of the conveyor belt.

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