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Shrink Wrap Machine Work Instructions

  • Release Lime: May 04 2021
  • Source: Sherry
When you use the shrink wrap machine for the first time, you may feel very strange, here we will show you shrink wrap machine work instructions. (Note: Not applicable to all shrink wrap machines, different models will be different)
 shrink wrap machine work instructions
Part 1: cutting and sealing machine work instructions 
1. Preparation before operation :
① The machine should be operated and maintained by specially-assigned person who must know the operational proccdure in order to make it works well, give full play to its efficiency and prolong its service life, avoiding damage to the machine.
② Place the machine on the flat. Check before starting up whether any accessories are lose or moved during in the shipment. If need, please adjust them to the right place.
③ Connect with air source. Connect one end of the flexible gas hose ( out diameter is φ10mm ) with air source, while the other end should be connected with layup for air getting in which is on the back of the machine. Push the pipe in place.
④ Check the pressure
2. Adjustment for machine
① Material and its specification folded film: PE POF PVC thethickness of the film: 0.015-0.1 mm
② Calculate the width of the film width ofthe folded film width of the product ≈width of the product( W ) +the height of the product ( H )* 2 + 50 mm
③ Setting film
④ Setting the machine
Part 2: shrink tunnel work instructions 
1. Place the machine on the flat ground and remove the outer packing.
2. Connect earth wire before operating and make sure its sound contact to ensure the safety of the operator.
3. Connect power according to the voltage specified on the machine.
4. Turn on the power at the side of the machine . At this time , the temperature controller should display numbers and then adjust thetemperature and set at 170℃.
5. Turn on heating switch and adjust the heating knob to suitable position according to the thickness of the film.
6. Turn on the conveyor switch and adjust the conveyor knobs , generally the medium speed is fine.
7. After above operations, run machine ( pre-heating ) 5-10 minutes , and turn on the fan motor switch on the panel. The machine can shrink when temperature reaches to the set temperature.
8. If there is much wrinkles in the packing process, that is because the temperature in the tunnel is too low or the speed of the conveyor is too fast. Please adjust the temperature higher or conveyor speed slower. Whereas if there is film damaged, that is because the temperature in the tunnel is too high or the speed of the conveyor is too slow. Please adjust according to the actual situation. Due to the containment relationship between temperature and speed, it will need adjust and test some times to reach the best effect.
9. After finish packing , turn off the heating switch and lower the temperature first, and continue to run conveyor motor and fan motor about 10 minutes and at last cut off the power , which will prolong the service life of the machine.
If you want more detailed shrink wrap machine work instructions, please contact us  

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