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Sold BOPP Film To Indonesia

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A few days ago, we received an inquiry about BOPP film from Indonesia, this customer required that the BOPP film with 90micron thickness, width 29mm or 1280mm, length 8000m. According to customers’ requirement, we are now ready to ship to customers after stocking.

 BOPP Film Indonesia

This is the first time for us to sell BOPP film to Indonesia, however, before this, our BOPP film has been sold to the United States, India, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries, and won unanimous praise from customers.
BOPP film with high performance was prepared by biaxial stretch using three-layer (A/B/C) co-extrusion technology, with high transparency and gloss, non-toxic materials, stable molecular structure, odor and water have a certain barrier function, therefore, it is an ideal material for packaging cigarettes, medicines, health care products, food and all kinds of products with flat specifications.

 BOPP Film Factory

BOPP Film Features:
〇 Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, strong toughness and good transparency.
〇 Low surface energy, corona treatment before gluing or printing. After corona treatment, BOPP film has good printing adaptability, and can get fine appearance effect by color printing.
〇 Excellent optical performance, high transparency, good gloss effect.
〇 Film surface smooth, crystal point, white point, concave and convex point less.
〇 Rich variety, to meet the diverse needs of customers.
If you also have demand of BOPP film, please contact us, and send your requirement to us, we will reply you in 24 hours. 
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