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Sold Vacuum Packaging Machine To Indonesia

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Today, we will ship the vacuum packaging machine to Indonesia. Last year we went to Indonesia to participate in the exhibition. This customer saw the album of our double chamber vacuum packaging machine at the exhibition, and then he hoped to see the real machine in our factory. A few days ago, he visit our factory, and decided to buy this machine, now we will ship the machine to Indonesia.

 Indonesia Customer

◎ The electronic constant temperature technology and the panel control system are easy to operate and maintain, have a memory function and are widely used.
◎ It adopts microcomputer controller, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, low failure rate and long service life.
◎ The frame body adopts 304 stainless steel for international standard food, which has high strength and is not easy to be damaged.
◎ The sloping countertop design ensures that the moisture in the product is not lost, making vacuum packaging of the aqueous product easier.
 Vacuum Packaging Machine Indonesia
If you also interest in the machine, please contact us for free, if you also in Indonesia, but don’t have a plan to China, we can contact our Indonesian customer to let you visit his machine.
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