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Powder Packing Machine Sold To India

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These two India customers saw our powder packing machine on the Canton fair, then we arrange the business manager of Guangzhou branch to negotiate with the customer about relevant details. Include their raw materials, bag size, shipping port, etc, now we will ship the powder packing machine to India.

 India Customer

〇 Touch screen operating system, menu-based operation interface, clear operation instructions, man-machine dialogue, simple and convenient.
〇 CPU centralized control system, intelligent photoelectric positioning, strong anti-interference ability, continuous two bags of cursor abnormal namely stop the alarm, the whole color standard tracking.
〇 Automatic measurement of the length of packaging bags, without manual participation in the packaging film length setting.

India Powder Packing Machine

〇 The intelligent temperature controller controls the temperature of the transverse and longitudinal sealing molds, and the double rotating arm sealing and sealing effect is better.
〇 The latest design of the integration of electric cutting knife, avoid the phenomenon of bag stuck, durable cutting knife, can adjust the position of the cutting knife when the machine is running, convenient for the operation of users.
If you interest in the machine, welcome to visit our factory, or we can send you the machine working video, if you want to visit our India customer, we can contact them.
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