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Sold Bottle Filling Machine To Australia

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A few days ago, we receive an inquiry about the bottle filling machine from an Australia customer, he start run a mineral water processing factory, and he need a automatic bottle filling and labeling machine now, after talk the details about his requirement, we introduce him the 60 BPM filling machine, now we are loading the car, these machines will ship to Australia later.
 Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is mainly used for the filling of water, wine, beverage and other liquids. It integrates the three functions of rinsing, filling and sealing into one machine, and the whole process is automated. It is suitable for the filling of glass bottles and plastic bottles.
The filling method adopts the new type of negative pressure filling. The filling speed is faster and more stable. Compared with the machine of the same specification, the output of this machine is higher and the benefit is larger. This machine adopts advanced OMFON programmable controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, the bottle chain channel adopts variable frequency speed regulation, and the bottle chain channel adopts adjustable speed regulation mode, which cooperates with the host frequency converter to make the bottle operation more stable and reliable.
 Bottle Filling Machine Australia

High degree of automation, easy operation, fast filling speed, stable liquid level control, no leakage, spring loaded flushing pliers hand, empty bottles with orbit, automatically turn 180 °, the inside and outside two flushing, high efficiency. It adopts magnetic torque to screw the cover to realize the function of grasping the cover and screwing the cover without damaging the cover.
The bottle filling machine will arrive in Australia soon, we are looking forward to feedback from this Australia customers.
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