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Packaging Bags Sold To Kenya

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Last month, we received an email from Kenya, he said he want to buy packaging bags in Kenya, following is what he wrote in the email:
 Packaging Bags Kenya

“We are a trading company based in Kenya, we have a client looking for 100% food grade paper bag as per attached picture with this email, the size required is 26x13.5cm and the handle should support at least 600grams of weight.
This will be a regular based order and the quantity required is 20" ft and 40" ft container. Please quote us your best FOB China prices for both quantities in Excel Format along with a picture of your product.”
 Packaging Bags

Then we transfer the pictures he sent to our technicians, and according to the customer's requirements, we formulated the quotation and sent it to the customer's mailbox. Because the customer's demand is very large, we gave a discount. After signing the contract with the customer, we started to put into production. Now the production has been completed, and we will ship these packaging bags to Kenya.
If you also need packaging bags, please send your design to us, we can produce according to your design.
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