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Flow Wrap Machine In India Hot Sale

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Welcome India customer visit our company for the flow pack machine. This India customer will use this machine wrap his bread into pillow type. This flow wrap machine sold to India is a versatile model that can package different products, and can also adjust the package size and packaging speed according to customer needs.
 India Flow Wrap Machine Customer

The machine with following characteristics:
〇 Space saving compactness with strength and rigidity for smooth, quiet running and long life.
〇 The working parts of the machine coming in contact with the product and packing material is made of stainless steel 304.
〇 2 pairs of crimping rollers, length controlled by PIV with longitudinal heater fine seal.
〇 Not only improves production efficiency but also reduces the possibility of product contamination.
 Flow Wrap Machine
Our company produces a wide range of flow wrap machines, these machines made with the highest quality raw materials and advanced technology, our products are recognized by our India customers for their excellent properties such as high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. If you have any demand, please send your requirement to us, we will introduce you a suitable model according to your demand.
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