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Sold Shrink Wrap Machine to Pakistan

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Welcome the Pakistan customer come to our company for shrink wrap machine. This customer run a small juice processing factory in Pakistan. And he had a heat shrink packaging machine before, but it was broken and he needed to buy a new one. This time he wanted to buy a machine with good quality, so he went to our factory to inspect from Pakistan.
 Shrink Wrap Machine Pakistan

The machine we show him is L type, this model is a fully automatic model, which is the combination of L-type sealing and cutting machine and heat shrinking machine. The sealing and cutting machine is power transmission, automatic sealing and cutting operation. After sealing and cutting, the product automatically enters the shrinking system for shrink packaging, which greatly improves the packaging efficiency and can meet the production requirements of large quantities.

〇 The sealing knife adopts DuPont Teflon coating anti-stick high temperature resistant aluminum alloy knife, the sealing will not crack, it will not be coking, no smoke and zero pollution.
〇 Automatic feeding, the length can be automatically adjusted by the combination of electric eye and timer. Equipped with induction motor, automatic crimp waste.
〇 Equipped with detection optoelectronics, horizontal and vertical detection of each group, easy to switch selection, for small packaging, you can easily complete the sealing and packaging operations.
〇 When the package size changes, the adjustment is very simple, without the mold and the bag maker.
Now this machine has been loaded with a ship to Pakistan, and we hope that our customers can receive it as soon as possible.
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