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Welcome USA Customer for Cocoa Powder Packing Machine

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Welcome our the USA customer come to our office for the cocoa powder packing machine. This American customer has always lived in Shanghai, China. His American friend wanted to build a cocoa powder factory and commissioned him to find a factory in China and visit it on site. He came to our office to check whether the packing machine meets their packaging requirements.
usa customer
According to the USA customer’s packaging requirements, we recommended this zipper bag filling machine to him, which can be used for different packaging bags. This machine is welcomed by many customers because of its advantages:
○Filling and packaging high value-added products, contributing to improving brand power.
○Easy to replace products, can be applied to a variety of products.
○Market needs and trends (bag size and shape, etc.) can be flexibly responded.
○One machine for multiple purposes, realizing safe and secure packaging.
○The machine can pack different kinds of powders, even powders with poor fluidity.
If you also want to get price of this machine, please contact us:
phone/whatsapp: 0086-15515573212
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