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Stick Pack Machine Sold to Turkey

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We received Turkey customer feedback about the stick pack machine yesterday. He has received the machine and tried to run it, and the packaging effect is very good.
The customer is a third-party packaging company that provides packaging services to their customers. According to the new packaging requirements of customers, they need to upgrade and improve the previous packaging methods. According to his request, we recommended this machine to them and asked the customer to mail the materials for testing.
This machine is a new type of packaging machines, specially designed for manufacturers of large-volume packaging. And it can accommodate from 1 to 12 lanes to form different shapes of stick pack pouches. Perfect for products like coffee, sugar, etc.
 stick pack machine turkey

Through the selection of different models, the following products can be packaged:
☆ Granular products (sugar, salt, soluble food and pharmaceutical mixtures and solutions, etc.)
☆ Food liquid (oil, vinegar, sauces, ketchup, maionnaise, honey, etc.)
☆ Liquid or cream cosmetics (perfumes, lotions, creams, shampoo, balsam, etc.)
* Film unwind and film tension control
* Film slitter and forming tubes - set per bag size
* Discharge chute
* Automatic film tracking
* Integrated inner light
* Easy change-over
If you also interest in the machine, please feel free contact us: 
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