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Biscuit Packing Machine Sold to Singapore

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With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of biscuit packaging machines, its role in the biscuit production process is becoming more and more important. There are also more and more customers asking us about the price of biscuit packaging machines. The biscuit sorting and packaging machine ordered by our customers in Singapore last week has been completed, has been loaded, and is ready to be shipped to Singapore.
 biscuit packing machine singapore

The machine ordered by the Singapore customer includes a 4-meter material sorting machine and a biscuit packaging machine, which automatically finish sorting and packaging, saving a lot of labor.
The biscuit sorting and packing machine is developed by us according to the actual needs of customers, which can better meet the needs of modern factories. We make customized packing solution according to biscuits features, such as capacity, packing way request, single pack or multi-pack, etc.
 biscuit packing machine singapore
❤ For hard biscuits packaging, we use biscuits sorting machine and cartridge feeder, configure with relevant flow wrap machine for single pack or stacks pack.
❤ For sandwiching biscuits packing, our machine can connect with sandwiching biscuit machine's output terminal to achieve automatic packing function.
❤ For cookies packing, we use side-sorting feeding system to meet automatic packing request. 
If you don’t know which solution is right for you, you can contact us (Email: ) and we will recommend the right model for you according to your product type.
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