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Sold Shrink Wrapping Machine to UK

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  • Source: Sherry
Shrink wrapping is a very popular packaging method, especially for bottle wrap. It can wrap multiple bottles together, which is convenient for transportation and reduces the loss during transportation. The machine ordered by the UK customer has already been produced. We have shipped it to the port and will soon be shipped to the UK. Customers will use this machine to wrap juice bottles to complete the transportation from the factory to the supermarket.
Bottle shrink wrapping machine
This shrink wrap machine is not only suitable for juice bottles, but also pure water bottles, canned beer and other products. It has a wide range of applications and can be connected to different production lines. And we have provided shrink wrapping solutions for many customers, and received their unanimous praise.
shrink wrap machine feedback
Why the UK customers choose us?
→Advanced production technology.
→Customized service.
→Complete front-end supporting facilities.
→Perfect after-sales support. 
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