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Sold Wet Wipes Machine to Turkey

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We received a inquiry about wet wipes machine from the Turkey last week. After we sent the customer the details of the machine, the quotation, and answered all the questions for the customer, he decided to buy the wet wipes machine from our company. Because the machine is in stock, we will arrange shipment to Turkey the next day after receiving the customer's deposit.
 Wet wipes machine Turkey

The customer will use the machine to produce hand wipes and then sell them to retailers. In addition, the machine can also produce baby wipes, face wipes, etc.
Below we will introduce you some of the functions of the machine in detail:
Production Process:
Wet wipe folding cutting→wet wipe delivery →feed into bag →vertical seal→Horizontal sealing and cutting→Finished product output (synchronous opening, automatic labeling)
Adopt Mitsubishi frequency converter, PLC control system, full automatic electric eye, touch screen.
The bag length is digitally displayed and automatically adjusted. PID intelligent automatic temperature control system.
Fully automatic opening and labeling system.
Packaging bag corner folding device.
Manufacturing date/batch number hot printing code machine.
Hope the machine can reach Turkey as soon as possible to help customers expand their business.
If you also want to know more details about the machine, please contact us:
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