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Plantain Chips Packaging Machine In Nigeria

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A customer from Nigeria inquiry about our plantain chips packaging machine. He is now preparing to expand production, but the old packaging machine is too slow to meet his current needs, so he wants to replace it with a large one.
 Nigeria Customer

Because plantain chips are fragile, we recommend a multi-head packaging machine for the Nigeria customer. The machine is very suitable for packaging fragile materials, and the measurement is accurate and the packaging speed is fast.
Working principle:
1. The plantain chips in the upper feed hopper vibrate through the main vibrating plate, so that the materials are distributed on the conical hopper to the line vibrating plate.
2. When there is no or insufficient material in the wire vibration plate, it will be detected by the photoelectric detection switch of the material. At this time, the feeding signal is sent to the main board, and then the feeding signal is sent to the material conveyor through the main board until the material is detected.
3. The linear vibrator vibrates to drive the linear vibrating disc to adjust the appropriate amplitude and vibration time to send the target weight of material to each storage hopper.
plantain chips packaging machine in Nigeria
4. The stepper motor works to open the bucket hopper door and send the banana chips to the weighing hopper. When there is no or insufficient material in the weighing hopper below, the storage hopper will automatically open the door to put the material into the weighing hopper.
5. The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing hopper, and then calculates, analyzes, and combines to select the combination weighing hopper that is closest to the target weight. When receiving the request for unloading signal sent by the packaging machine, the CPU sends a signal to start the weighing hopper motor driver to open the selected weighing hopper to unload the product into the hopper into the packaging machine, and then the packaging machine completes the packaging process.
Main advantages:
〇 Automatic weighing, conducive to food safety.
〇 Fast weighing speed.
〇 High dynamic weighing accuracy.
〇 High degree of automation.
Now we will prepare the plantain chips packaging machine for the Nigeria customer, and will ship as soon as possible. 
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