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Romania Hazelnut BUtter Processing and Packing Solution

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In October 2021, Romania ARSAT and our company reached a cooperation on hazelnut butter processing and packing solutions. The company is a well-known automation solution provider in Romania. Its business covers the production of agricultural products, the production of industrial equipment, the establishment of solar energy, and the production of sustainable industrial equipment.
In March 2021, customers establish contact with our company through recommendations. The hazelnut butter project is a new project that the company is about to start. Matei, its purchasing manager, is in charge and will communicate with our company on related matters. Matei is a very professional purchaser. He knows the equipment and the processing technology of hazelnut butter very well. The conversation with him was very relaxing and pleasant. The local hazelnut production is very high, and it is a good business opportunity to sell hazelnut butter in sachet on the market. ARSAT company quickly established a project team and promoted the implementation of the project. In the early stage, the production of original hazelnut butter was the main focus, and the production of different flavors of hazelnut butter will be carried out after the market opens.
Through communication with Matei, our company fully understands their needs, and customized a complete set of hazelnut butter processing and packing solutions according to their plant design, from raw materials to packaging finished products. The ARSAT project team was very satisfied with this proposal and quickly reached a cooperation. At present, ARSAT’s plant has been built and related equipment is in orderly production. After the equipment is installed, they will start production.
Their hazelnut tree farm:
 hazelnut tree farm
The factory is under construction:
Hazelnut butter factory
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