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Uni-President Instant Noodle Packaging Project

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Uni-President Group was founded on August 25, 1967 and is a large food company in Taiwan. Has a high reputation in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and is also one of the largest food companies in Taiwan. Its main products are beverages and instant noodles.
Uni-President Group always pays attention to the evolution of the times, grasps the changes in consumers' lives, and continues to expand new businesses. In May 2021, CANKEY joined hands with Uni-Enterprise to upgrade its instant noodle project, providing it with high-efficiency modern automatic instant noodle packaging machine to help it further improve its production scale and production efficiency.
At the beginning of 2021, the purchasing engineers of Uni-President mentioned that they had too much vibration during the production and packaging process of instant noodles to successfully achieve rapid packaging. Through telephone and video communication, CANKEY’s team of engineers had an in-depth understanding of the problems and needs they encountered during the production process. According to their production demand of 120 bags/minute and site planning, a set of instant noodle packaging solutions was tailored for them.
At present, Uni-President Group has received the equipment and started the related packaging work. At present, the equipment is running smoothly, they are also very satisfied with the packaging effect, and the production capacity has also been greatly improved. The company is very satisfied with CANKEY's products and services, and is currently communicating the second instant noodles packing line.
Instant noodle packing machine
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