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CANKEY Builds Dust-free Automated Filling Workshop for Ghandour Company in Ghana

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On January 27, 2022, in the automatic filling workshop of Ghandour Company in Ghana, built by CANKEY, workers can finally take off fully enclosed protective clothing and dust masks in a high temperature environment of more than 30 degrees Celsius. Seeing their joyous faces in the video, our staff were also inspired.
Ghandour is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and is a well-known company in the daily chemical industry in Ghana. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the company has mainly sold a series of popular cosmetics such as body care and hair care to the West African market. The factory has more than 600 employees, and in Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Gambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Mozambique and other countries with multiple offices.
The broad market, high brand reputation, and consumable products make Ghandour's business stronger and stronger. However, the road ahead has not always been smooth. Due to years of overloaded production, some unsatisfactory conditions have emerged on the Ghandour company's production floor. Equipment failures in the workshop directly affected output and employee income. The aging of equipment in the filling workshop leads to serious dust leakage during production. As a result, workers wear fully enclosed protective clothing and dust-proof masks to work under hot weather conditions throughout the year, which affects workers' enthusiasm for labor. The hidden dangers of dust leakage made Ghandour decide to replace the equipment.
A few months ago, the Ghandour company contacted CANKEY. CANKEY's customer managers and technical engineers inspected equipment failure points and dust leakage through online meetings in a timely manner, and gave preliminary solutions. Then, combined with the customer's production scale and factory data, we provided Ghandour's technicians with a reasonable and economical customized solution and detailed drawings. Professional solutions, detailed data, and running videos of similar equipment enable customers to trust CANKEY for the entire factory upgrade project.
The customer group is a production enterprise, which means that various problems of customers need to be solved. Solving problems for customers and insisting on creating value for customers is the basic method for CANKEY's success.

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