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Sugar Sachet Packing Machine Sold to Kenya

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Sugar sachets are commonly supplied in coffee houses and tea houses. Last week, we received an inquiry from a Kenya customer, who will buy the sugar sachet packing machine. He want to pack 4 grams into each sachet, then sell to local coffee houses.
 Kenya customer

We know that the sugars produced in the early days are mainly sugar and sucrose. These sugar granulated products have strict requirements on packaging production and subsequent processes, so the sugar sachet packing machine was born. The machine has the following characteristics:
〇 The machine adopts key switch + digital display mode, the operation is more stable and reliable.
〇 The machine is controlled by a computer, and the stepping motor is used as the driving force to pull the packaging film, and the bag making accuracy is higher.
〇 Able to carry out full-automatic color tracking, intelligently eliminate false color coding, automatically complete the positioning and fixed length of packaging bags, and realize automatic production integration.
〇 Achieved heat-sealing dual-channel temperature control, and the intelligent temperature control mode ensures that the effect of the device is higher, safer, and more stable in performance.
 Sachet packing machine
In addition, the machine is also suitable for small particles such as salt, monosodium glutamate, coffee, etc. It can also be modified according to customer materials. We will ship the sachet packing machine to Kenya next week, and it will arrive to Kenya in two weeks. 
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