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Vacuum Packing Machine Sell to UAE

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Many customers will consider whether this epidemic will affect our transportation machines when inquiring us. of course not. Last week we sold an automatic vacuum packing machine to UAE. The customer will use the machine to pack dates.
 UAE customer

Dates are an important traditional crop in UAE. So many people choose to do dates processing business, but how do you sell dates on market after processing.
Although there are many ways to sell, vacuum packing is the most popular. Why?
1. Extended shelf life. Studies have shown that vacuum packing can improve product shelf life from 50% to 400%. For many products that are stored in long-term freezer storage, vacuum packaging is also the preferred form of packaging to reduce frostbite.
UAE vacuum packing machine
2. No chemical preservatives are required. Eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. With proper mixing of oxygen and inert gas, the product can be used longer without the need for preservatives.
3. Reduce product loss. Extending the shelf life directly affects companies that stock products to reduce product losses. Reducing product losses helps increase profits.
We believe that this UAE customer also chose vacuum packaging considering these factors. And our machine will definitely help customers to complete the vacuum packaging process efficiently.
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