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Shrink Wrap Machine Sold To India

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Today we sold one set shrink wrap machine to India. This custom run a small cosmetic company in India. He need this machine for wrapping the cosmetic boxes.
The customer bring his boxes to our factory to test the machine. This customer is very satisfied with the test results, and decided to buy our machine. The shrink wrap machine will ship to India after one week.
 Shrink Wrap Machine India Customer

O  The machine is suitable for the packaging of regular or irregular items, with low power consumption and an average power consumption of only 2.5kw per hour. Working efficiency is 0-25 packs / minute, continuous operation for a long time does not cause the ambient temperature to rise. The entire packaging process can be completed with just one person.
O  It is equipped with a stainless steel conveyor net, and the height can be adjusted at will. Suitable for PVC, PP, POF and other types of shrink film.
O  Using the world's advanced film thermostatic heat sealing technology, the sealing is clear and firm.
Shrink Wrap Machine India

O  Sealed rapid cooling structure to ensure higher sealing strength under high-speed production conditions.
O  Unique heat shrinkage channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, shrinkage fastening and beautiful appearance. Three layers of heat insulation treatment, good insulation performance, fast heating and energy saving.
We hope that the machine can be shipped to India as soon as possible and we look forward to feedback from customers.
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