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Sugar Sachet Packing Machine Sold To India

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Welcome our India customer come to our factory for sugar sachet packing machine. This customer do a business for sugar processing in India. He extracts sugar from sugarcane and packs it for sale on the market.
He need this machine for his sugar. Before the customer came to our factory, we have introduced the CK-280 model to the customer according to the customer's requirements. The quotation is sent to the customer and the relevant details are confirmed. However, the customer said that he wanted to visit our factory before payment to ensure that we are a real factory.
 Sugar Sachet Packing Machine India

We are very happy that the customer can visit our factory. We take the India customer to visit our production area, the inventory area and the delivery area respectively. The customer was very satisfied and paid the full amount on the spot. Now we will start production according to this order and send it to India soon.
The machine is compact, firm, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Microcomputer control, intelligent English display, can automatically complete the measurement, filling, counting, printing (need to be equipped with another code printer) and other cycle operations. Set photoelectric tracking (automatic measurement of packaging film length), stepless speed regulation and other functions in one; Turntable measuring cup type measurement, sealing form has back seal, three side seal, four side seal.
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