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Vacuum Packing Machine Sold to UK

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Welcome to UK customer come to our company for vacuum packing machine. This UK customer come to see the double vacuum packing machine, which cover can work alternately left and right.
 UK Vacuum Packing Machine

We first took the customer to our factory and then demonstrated the machine's operation flow to the customer on site. But how does the machine work? The machine's workflow is mainly divided into 3 steps.
1. Turn on the power to ensure that the vacuum pump is not reversed.
2. Set the pumping time, heating time. The pumping time can be tested several times by the user. The heating time is generally set between 2-4 seconds according to the thickness of the bag.
3. Close the top cover, the vacuum pump starts to draw air from the working chamber. When the set pumping time is reached, the vacuum pump stops working, and then the pressure valve automatically opens, the airbag is inflated, and the airbag pallet, the phenolic plate, and the heating strip are integrally pressed down to the sealing portion. At the same time, heat the heating strip. When the sealing of the packaging bag is completed, the heating strip stops heating and is in a state of continuous cooling. The venting valve is automatically opened, air is placed, and the lid is opened to complete a working cycle.

The biggest feature of this machine is that the above studio can swing left and right. When working on one side, the product can be placed on the other side. When the work is finished, the other side can start working directly and then reciprocate.
All detailed operating methods are written in the operating manual so that this UK customer can go into production directly from the operating manual after receiving the machine.
If you want to know more information, you can contact us through the following ways. Tell us about the packaging materials, the size of the bags, the material, the expected output, etc. We can introduce you a right model. If there are other technical requirements, we will try our best to solve it. Welcome customers to visit our company.
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