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Custom Plastic Zip Packaging Bags For Food

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Plastic Packaging Bags for Food
Plastic packaging bags for food refers to the bag used for packaging various products, so that the product in the production circulation process convenient transportation, easy storage. These custom plastic packaging bags widely used in food, cosmetics, electronic machinery products and other fields.
The custom plastic zip bags has a good barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof; strong mechanical properties, high blasting resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance; high temperature, low temperature, oil resistance, good incense retention performance; non-toxic, odorless, soft.
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Custom Plastic Zip Bags Printing Options:
1. Up to 10 colors custom design printing.
2. Available printing finish: kraft paper, matte, glossy, matte finish with glossy logo etc.
Custom Plastic Packaging Bags Type Options:
1. Flat pouch, stand up pouch, side gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch
2. Re-closable with spout/cap, zipper.
3. Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non leakage.
4. More customized usage of being frozen, retort, microwaveable, vacuum pack.
 Plastic Packaging Bags for Sale
Plastic Packaging Bags for Food Ordering Process:
1. Confirm the specification, material, quantity, color and packing of the custom plastic packaging bags you ordered.
2. Both parties sign the order contract. Advance payment for production and processing as required by the contract.
3. After the completion of the production of packaging bags, the first time to contact you to determine the delivery method you require, and pay the balance; Deliver the bags according to the delivery method you required.
4. Check the food plastic packaging bags and look forward to our next cooperation.
Note: The size, material and thickness of custom packaging bags are different. If you want to get a precise price, please contact our customer service.
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