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cucumber shrink wrap machine
shrink wrap machine for cucumber
The sealing and shrink packaging machine is composed of three parts: the fuselage, electrical system and pneumatic system. It is specially designed for small products. The cucumber shrink wrap machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, beverage and other industries.

Sealing and Shrink Packaging Machine Features:
〇 The processes of feeding, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinking, and cooling and setting are fully automated.
〇 The sealing and shrink packaging machine adopting advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, the seal line is clear and firm.
〇 The rapid cooling structure of the seal ensures higher seal strength under high-speed production conditions.
 Sealing and shrink packaging machine

〇 The cucumber shrink wrap machine uses unique contraction channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, contraction tight, beautiful.
〇 Far-infrared tube heating, energy saving and high efficiency (energy saving more than 15%)
〇 Three layers of heat insulation treatment, good heat insulation performance, fast temperature rise and energy saving.
 Shrink packaging machine factory

〇 All conveyor chain rollers use solid rollers, and the outer sleeve is covered with silicone, which can bear larger weight objects.
〇 The roller rotation device can work continuously for a long time.
Heat Shrink Packaging Effect:
1. Protect the product
It takes a long time for the product to go from the factory to the consumer, and the heat shrink packaging can ensure that the product can reach the consumer in good condition and effectively prevent physical damage.
2. Convenience
Facilitates storage, handling, transportation and retail
Technical Data
Sealing and Cutting Machine
Model CK-FL450
Power(KW) 1.5
Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ
Max Packing Size L*W(MM) 550*450
Max Sealing Size(MM) <500
Packing Speed(bag/min) 15-30
Gas Source 6-8Kg/cm^2
Shrink Film POF/PE
Machine Size 1650*880*1450
Weight 280KG

Shrink Wrap Machine
Model CK-BS4525LA
Voltage 220-380V/50-60HZ 3Phase
Power(KW) 6.5
Load(KG) 30
Heat Tunnel Size(mm) 900*450*250
Machine Size(mm) 1200*700*1000
Transfer Speed(m/s) 0-10
Weight(KG) 120

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